Our Purpose

Sargent Technologies LLC. is proud to publicly announce the availability of our new Scrap Trax System!

Our goal is to implement the Scrap Trax system into existing operations with the intention of streamlining scrap metal recycling programs into a unified process nationwide. This program has proven its ability to improve corporate compliance and profitability while eliminating scrap metal mishandling, theft and revenue loss. All of this is done without any changes to existing infrastructure and day to day operations, making its integration seamless.

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Nationwide businesses which produce scrap metal face the following issues when attempting to develop a unified recycling program.

Lack of Oversight

No oversight or exposure available at a per location level; which is where compliance starts.

Lack of National Vendors

There are no national recycling vendors for servicing scrap producers, which prevents a unified process.

No Data Collection

No data being collected and reported; which prevents any of type revenue recapture.

Additional Problems

These core problems combine to create some fairly daunting challenges even for the greatest companies. The additional challenges you currently face may include:

Internal and External Mishandling

This has the ability to expose the corporation to some very serious liabilities.


Internal or external this causes not only revenue loss but can also cause public relations and internal shop management issues.

Lost Revenue

If the first two challenges are happening simultaneously this could look more like a revenue hemorrhage.

Corporate compliance

A top priority for any company big or small. Done correctly, it eliminates all of these challenges all by itself.

Our Unique Solution

Implementing Our Scrap Trax System Is A Simple Process!


Register with Scrap Trax and let one of our expert scrap hauling consultants begin to craft a plan for your business.


Give us a list of your locations, we will research and deploy local scrap haulers to pickup and recycle your scrap metal.  All of our scrap haulers are required to use our innovative tracking system which provides data for each pickup at each location.


At the end of each month, we tally up how much each hauler has produced from each location.  The haulers pay us, and we pay you!  You will receive a detailed report showing how much was produced at each location along with a single monthly payment.

Additional Benefits

There are many additional benefits to using the Scrap Trax System

Instant Notifications

When materials are picked up from a location, a report is emailed to the location manager with details of what was received.

Detailed Reporting

Both a monthly summary report and a per location report accompanies each monthly payment.  Comparing locations it is easy to spot locations which are not in compliance.

Location Insight

By comparing pickup reports to sales reports, a location manager could easily tell if they are recycling all of the materials which were produced.  For example, if a location had sales of 10 catalytic converters and only recycled 5, that discrepancy could indicate theft or other mishandling.

Corporate Insight

On a corporate level the information becomes much more robust. Area managers can have portal access where they are able to see the stores in their area. Regional managers can have access to the regions they oversee. Corporate Compliance Officers, Environmental Specialists, Operations Managers, etc. can have access as they see fit.

Insurance and Screening

Sargent Technologies holds our scrap haulers to the highest standards.  We have a strict service agreement with all of the scrap metal haulers we work with.  Our entire network of scrap haulers are pre-screened and insured as required by applicable law.  We do the leg work so you don’t have to.

Secure Storage

We have relationships with manufacturers who specialize in building and delivering our maximum security containers. These containers meet all the waste containment requirements in each state. These containers are non-invasive and lockable. This means the metal stays secured while not taking up valuable space inside the shop.

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